COVID-19 Impact.  Information & Resources

COVID-19: Special action must be taken to protect persons who have IDD.  Please see The Arc of Mass COVID-19 Updates for information on this urgent need. Most advocacy organizations who serve individuals with IDD and their families are also providing COVID-19 response tabs on their websites.  Checking your state’s Dept. of Developmental Disabilities will provide additional guidance.
Below please find a short list of select resources and articles to view to understand a few of the many concerns that have special significance for families with a loved one with IDD.

COVID-19: Affects Our Community

The Arc of Mass COVID-19 Updates

*New Survey Finds the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Further Decimated Community Services for Persons with I/DD. ANCOR Report. Oct. 1, 2021 

*Sensory Friendly Vaccinations for Covid-19  March 30,2021

*Having ID Among Greatest Risk Factors in Covid-19 March 10, 2021

*How the Pandemic Has Altered the Lives of Children with Disabilities. Dec 20, 2020

*COVID-19 Vaccine advocates fighting for those with IDD to have early access. Dec 7, 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Individuals with IDD: Clinical and Scientific Priorities.  Am J. of Psych. Aug 28, 2020

*The Breaking Point: Pandemic Stress, Parents & Kids With Special Needs. August 19, 2020

*People with Developmental Disabilities More Likely to Die from COVID June 8 2020

*Hospital No Visit Policies Endanger Individuals with IDD. May 8,2020

*COVID-19 Hits Individuals with IDD Hard.  April 24,2020

*CT:Parents Protest No Hospital Visit Regulations April 20,2020

*Special Education Law: Concerns April 2, 2020

*Lifesaving Care Rationing: Concerns March 27, 2020

*Coronavirus: A Family Copes. March 27, 2020