Additional Resources

We are always updating.  Here are some extra resources and perspectives for you divided into three sections: Families Speak, Professionals Write, and Books.

Families Speak:

Georgia’s Separate and Unequal Special Education System: a statewide network of schools for disabled student has trapped black children in neglect and isolation.   Rachel Aviv, New Yorker Magazine, Oct 2018.

Abused and Betrayed NPR Report 2018  (Abuse of persons with IDD)

One Year Down This Path: A Father Speaks  5 min. This father has a new daughter with Down syndrome.  Of interest is his brief notes of well reviewed research studies on quality of life.

Ask An Autistic  (Amethyst Schaber has created a website called Neurowonderful.  Please see her short teaching videos which include lucid explanations of terms and personal experience from Amethyst who has a diagnosis of ASD.  Scroll down for the full range of her contribution.)

Francesca Happe  (pronounced “Happay”) is a distinguished Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, researcher, author.  She pre-eminent in the field of studying autism, and particularly  celebrated for her recognition of Theory of Mind work as related to autism.  View Happe’s  2021 presentation on Autism and Talent: The Beautiful Otherness of Autistic Minds. Here is Happe’s 30 min BBC interview where abilities and assets of people with autism, and aspects of her research, including her work on recognizing autism in girls.  See also the 2019 book Girls and Autism co-authored by Happe.

The Story of Not Quite (a parent speaks about hard to see ASD)

A Father’s Mission To Help His Son With Autism

Professionals Write:

2011 Freedman et al: Parental Relationship Status and ASD