Readings by Subject


adjusting-photoWhat the Other Children Are Thinking
A Wanted Child Senator
The Turning Point
What Siblings Want
Gabe’s Care Map
Reaching Our Son



Champions of Inclusion
Positive Steps for Social Inclusion
AAP 1999 Physicians & IEP Process
Bindels-de Heus et al 2013 Transition to Adult Care Profound IDD
Hacket 2009. Everybody Wins
Shah et al 2013 MD Knowledge & Spec Ed IEP
Wilcox&Hoon 2013 Inclusion & MD Knowledge

Excellence in Care

Health & Health Care of People with ID Special Olympics Report
Choosing a Pediatrician
Breathing Easy
Quotes from Nobody’s Perfect
Postnatal News: Down Syndrome
GI Issues in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Seeking Grownup Care
When Doctors Say This Won’t Hurt…
“Aging and Down Syndrome”, Julie Moran MD et al, NDSS 3/21/13
Caring for Kevin
Tips for adult care from OHC families 2014



AAIDD definition of ID-DD
People First
R-word: Blueberry Shoes, Arc of Virginia
Smart Doctors, Ignorant Speech?

Prenatal Testing


ACOG News Release
Delivering a Diagnosis of Down Syndrome
What I wish I knew Then
Having a Perfect Child
Prenatal Testing: How Best to Deliver the News
MDSC Parents’ First Call Program brochure
With Down Syndrome.: a Wrenching Choice, Szabo, 5/1/13